Welcome to SET SPORTS

Nigeria is passionate about sports! We take that passion to new heights when it comes to our football, but we have a special appreciation for sporting prowess. Ask any Nigerian you know and they’ll have a list of teams they support in countries all over the world in a variety of sports. We appreciate the displays of athletic ability, the sense of belonging and community that comes from supporting a team and how it allows us to socialise, interact and form bonds over a common interest.

This love for sport has not always been catered to the best way, but that is changing. As the realisation of the wider impact of sport is becoming more apparent, and the appreciation for the entertainment industry continues to grow, Nigeria is making significant changes to improve its sporting landscape. At SET Sports Management we want to be at the forefront of this progression, pushing forward initiatives, and making significant contributions to the continued growth and development of sport in Nigeria. We hope you join us on this exciting journey!

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