Our Services

At SET Sports Management, it is our priority to ensure that we administer and manage sports in the most effective and efficient way possible. We work in conjunction with companies and sports industry professionals, helping them deliver on projects that they may want to embark in within the field of sports.

We assist sport entities, professional sports teams, sports organizations and governing bodies, by reviewing their existing practices, providing consultancy on what opportunities they may want to get involved with, and developing models that will contribute to the growth and quality of their programs. Our team has a strong willingness to learn and is always eager to improve. We are dedicated to providing quality customer service to all our clients, ensuring that they have a wonderful experience and that all targets are met punctually.

Coaching and Youth Sports Development

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  • Coaching of female and male players of all skill levels (beginners, intermediate, experienced) and of all ages ­
  • Youth empowerment initiatives through sports ­
  • Administering football clinics and camps for players aged 6+

Facilities Management

  •  Consultancy on athletic facilities and recreational facilities planning and construction ­
  • Management of athletic facilities and recreational sports and fitness facilities
  • Maintenance of athletic facilities and recreational sports and fitness services facilities and their equipment 

Events Management

  •  Facilitation and organization of sporting events ­
  • Coordination of all the logistics of the event ­
  • Provision of an exceptional experience to both participants and spectators
  • Watch the video of our very own event,  Sangalo Football Festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpS5Nx9uyJA

If you are interested in participating or getting involved in Sangalo Fest 2017, this summer please click the following link and fill out the form: https://goo.gl/forms/Um3xt0YfPVNL02BF2

Sport Programs Administration

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  • Administration and management of sports programs for schools, professional sports teams, recreational sports organizations, corporate entities, and the public ­
  • Program administration of sports for professional sports teams ­
  • Organization and programming of leagues, tournaments, various competitions and other sporting events and sports programs


SET Sports Staff
  • Coaching Education
  • Staff training in athletic facilities management and maintenance and recreational sports and fitness services management
  • Facilitation of various sport employability trainings